Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How to differentiate REAL and FAKE Michael Michael Kors Selma Medium Saffiano Leather Messenger

Hi everyone, today i'm going to show you how to differentiate a REAL and FAKE Michael Michael Kors Selma Medium Saffiano Leather Messenger.

1. Price

    Remember! Designer bag doesn't come with cheap price. If it's in cheap price, it's definitely Fake.

    Of course there are still have who sell it almost in the exact price range but it's Fake too. Don't buy with unknown seller unless they have prove and good reviews from customers.

2. Shape & Dimension

Look at the shape of them in the photo. It's different. Fake one is slightly higher and smaller than Real one.

3. Lining

The 'MK' wording inside the zip pocket for Real messenger  is in vertical while for Fake one is in horizontal.

4. Hardware & Workmanship

See the differences in the picture? 

5. Logo & Label

Hope this helps for those who wish to buy a Michael Michael Kors Selma Medium Saffiano Leather Messenger. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ten-Ichi Japanese Restaurant

Ten-ichi always serve good japanese food and their service is good too... how one can deny with the fresh and thick sashimi ! o my god, i love it so much! their seafood Japanese pizza is yummy too... just one thing i don't like is the menu is lack of pictures, as you know i can't read Japanese. if every menu comes with photo will be perfect.. of course you can ask from the waitress, they will help you politely...

ACE Homemade Burger @TJ Delight

Yummy! i like ACE's pork burger so much.. go and try it yourself! its located at TJ Delight, Tabuan Jaya.. next to Chicago 7..

photo 1. chicken egg burger
photo 2. pork cheese burger

Bento Ramen @Brighton Square

Have a try at Bento Ramen at Jln Song. There are a wide range of japanese food to choose , with pictures too... very convenient and price also affordable... 


怡保盐焗鸡bought from husband's colleague from ipoh. if not mistaken it's also called 纸包鸡,quite salty.. but i like the traditional medicine they use.. the taste like drunken chicken...

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Rock Road Seafood

had dinner at Rock Road Seafood, the signature special hainanese style crab/prawn with buns is so... delicious! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

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